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Why Brushing your dog is important when they're short haired

Here we have Max the chocolate Labrador who came in for a bath today. As you can see he doesn't look too hairy in his before picture, however after brushing him out with a slicker brush, a comb and a dead coat removal rake, we managed to get out rather a lot of dead coat. The result we got was that Max's coat had become a lot smoother, softer and his colour looked more vibrant.

Even if you own a short haired breed of dog such as a Labrador, a Rottweiler or a pug, maintaining a regular brushing routine means that the dead coat will not build up too much. This should reduce the amount of shedding/malting that they do.

As a result of this, their skin and coat will become shinier and healthier through the dispersion of the natural oils in their coat.

We offer a range of brushes, combs and grooming sprays for you to purchase, and hands on help and advice. These will all help with your grooming routine at home in-between your appointments.

Please see our previous blog post "6 at home dog grooming tips".

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