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Q. Why do you want my dog not to be bathed at home prior to coming in for a hand strip?

It is easier for the groomer to grip a dirty coat during hand stripping, therefore it is quicker for the dog during grooming.

Why do you not bath my dog after a hand strip?

Some pores can become open during the hand stripping process and dirt could enter the pores during the bath, which could lead to a skin bacterial infection.


How often should I brush my dog?

Depending on your dogs coat it can vary from a few times a week to once a fornight. If your dog has particularly curly hair that matts easy it recommended at least 2-3 times a week to keep the coat knot free, if you are using the right tools and technique. On the other hand if you have a short haired dog then once every couple of weeks would be sufficient.

When will my puppy be ready for its first groom?

I tend to recommend regular visits after they have been fully vaccinated. This is so that it gets them used to the grooming procedure.

What are the benefits of dog grooming?

Having your dog groomed regularly helps promote a healthy coat and healthy skin. Also, we can sometimes be the first people to pick up any health related issues on your pet. Regular grooming also ensures that they are comfortable through the year whatever the weather.

I think my dog has fleas, what should I do?

Always seek veterinary advice and only get treatment from the vets rather than over the counter as this is more effective. When your dog is at the salon we can bath them in a flea repellent shampoo, however you will still need to treat your car and home environment with flea repellant. This will kill off any eggs. There are also tablets available or spot on treatment to be given on a regular basis to ensure they do not return.