Puppy Groom

Coming to the salon at a young age can be quite daunting for a pup. At the grooming salon we aim to make these early experiences as enjoyable and as fun as possible. We will try to get the grooming of your puppy as tidy as possible, however it is more important to us that the puppy leaves the salon happy. The ultimate goal is a puppy who is keen to return. 


The puppy groom includes:

  • Brush out/ dead hair removal - we do this before and after their bath to ensure that they are knot free when its time to start grooming them

  • Nail trim 

  • Clean ears and pluck (if applicable) - rather than in depth plucking like what we would do with an older dog, we will just pluck a couple of times to get them used to it.

  • Hygiene area tidy up - this is just a tidy up of the hair around the groin 

  • Bath - a nice soak in the tub with the specific sensitive shampoo for their young skin. 

  • Drying - our first method of drying is to use our 'blaster' which is a high velocity hair dryer. However, similar to the ear plucking, we won't use this to the extent as we would with using it on an older dog. Instead, we will turn it on to get them used to the noise, if we feel that they are okay then we will use it briefly on them. This helps not only with drying but also dead coat removal. They are finished off by using a standing dryer to ensure that they are completely dry to a high standard. 

  • Pads and Paws tidy up - removal of the hair in between the pads and on top of the foot to give it a much tidier look

  • Tidy up around the eyes - Just a little bit of scissor work to remove any hair that may be in the way of their vision 

  • His or Hers fragrance - a nice spray to keep them smelling fresher for longer (Also available to buy)

Prices from £30

Please call for further information and to book an appointment.