Full Groom

From their tails to their ears , as part of the Full Dog Groom service your dog will receive attention in all areas from us. 

Our full groom package includes:

  • Brush out and dead hair removal - we do this before and after their bath to ensure that they are knot free when its time to start grooming them

  • Nail trim 

  • Clean ears and pluck (if applicable) - we use ear forceps to remove any hair inside the ear to allow the air to circulate, therefore helping to eliminate any ear problems caused by bacterial growth

  • Hygiene area tidy up - this is a tidy up of the hair around the groin 

  • Bath - a nice soak in the tub with a coat specific shampoo to help with de-tangling, fleas or any sensitive skin issues. Conditioning treatments are also available to help with dry skin or tangled coat

  • Drying - our first method of drying is to use our 'blaster' which is a high velocity hair dryer. This helps not only with drying but also dead coat removal. They are finished off by using a standing dryer to ensure that they are completely dry to a high standard

  • Pads and Paws tidy up - removal of the hair in between the pads and on top of the foot to give it a much tidier look

  • Style - clipping the dog to your preference on length and style. Advice is always given if you would like further information upon breed specific coat styling

  • His or Hers fragrance - a nice spray to keep them smelling fresher for longer (Also available to buy)

Each dog is treated as an individual and is provided with water, soft bedding and the opportunity to go to the toilet. 

Prices will vary depending on breed, coat condition and size. Please call for further information and to book an appointment.