Hand Stripping

Hand stripping is essentially gently taking away the dead coat of a wire haired dog to help maintain the colour and soft texture. When grooming and clipping a dog you are just taking the dead coat off of the top. However with hand stripping you are taking the hair out from the root, which therefore helps with keeping the coat looking healthy. As the old coat grows out the  hair becomes weak at the root and hides the new, soft undercoat. This is a cycle that can be affected by different things, for example, if you get your dog neutered this can affect the texture and colour.

Don't worry this process doesn't hurt your dog, as we only strip if they coat is ready and comes out with ease.

If you get your dog clipped rather than stripped then this has an impact on the coat as it can dull in colour or can feel less soft. Clipping can also affect future hand stripping, because it can change the growth of the coat, therefor making it not as easy to strip. 

The usual breeds for hand stripping could include:

  • Border Terriers

  • Daschunds

  • Fox Terriers


We will always assess the coat before grooming to ensure its suitability. Alongside stripping we will also trim the nails, pluck and clean the ears, tidy pads and hygiene area. 

Prices: from £54

Please call for further information and to book an appointment.