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Grass Seed Season

It has come around to that horrible time of year where we are beginning to find grass seeds stuck into certain areas of your dog's coat. These common areas tend to be in between their toes and pads, in their armpits, inside or behind ears and in some cases can also be found inside the eyelid.

Not all of them will cause problems if they are removed fairly soon, however if they are left they can work their way into the skin and cause matting in the surrounding area. This can lead to infection and can severely irritate your dog's skin.

If the grass seed enters the skin it can travel around the body causing more serious problems, and in the worst case scenario can cause death by blocking arteries. If you suspect your dog has got a grass seed then please seek veterinary advice immediately.

Signs that your dog could have a grass seed:

- Excessive licking/scratching in certain areas

- Oozing pus from an irritated area

- Shaking of the head (ears)

- Weepy eyes and excessive blinking, partial closure of the eye)

- Rubbing of the eye

If you are local to the Huntingdon area, its probably best to avoid Port Holme as this is a naturally left piece of land that is a severe contributor to this problem.

Other areas to avoid are:

- places with grass that has been left to grow long

- places with grass that has previously been left natural and has been recently cut

One dog this season did not appear to have any grass seeds in his coat, until we clipped it and there were too many to count. See photo below.

We, as groomers, are genuinely one of the first people to find grass seeds so it is important that you regularly attend your appointments, especially this time of year. Please remember to check the areas mentioned above daily after walking your dog.

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