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Nervous Zoe's winter coat is now set for summer

This is Zoe, she is a very nervous girl. The vets recommended she came in for a de-matting and that her coat is trimmed shorter for the warmer months. My qualified groomer and assistant, Lucy spent the time massaging her shoulders and ears to calm and relax Zoe, whilst petting and talking to help put her at ease whilst I concentrated on grooming her quickly and efficiently. It is important to us that all the dogs have a good experience whilst having a pamper.

Most dogs need regular grooms to keep their skin and coat healthy and knot free even if they are nervous about the experience. Owners may be worried about leaving their pets because their pet may be anxious, but if the pet misses regular grooming appointments, their coat condition will become worse and will be more difficult to remove by the groomer. This will then increase the time spent at the groomers and may have an impact on having a positive experience whilst there because of removing problem areas on the coat.

It is a great idea to start your puppy off on the right paw to get them used to the experience whilst young, or even a couple of social visits in between grooms.

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