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6 At-Home Dog Grooming Tips

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Here are 5 of our best at-home grooming tips:

1) Groom on a regular basis at a consistent time so they become used to it (e.g. before something enjoyable such as; feeding, their favourite game or walkies).

10 minutes 3 times a week is more ideal than an hour+ once a month.

2) When grooming your dog it is important to use a comb as well as a brush. Your comb is your double-checker. By running it through the hair after you've brushed it, it will pick up any knots or tangles you may have missed. If a tangle is found, use the brush to go over it to tease it out, and then use the comb once more to check it has gone. If you are unable to remove the tangle with your grooming tools, then please seek professional grooming advice.

If a dog is to matted and the matts are too close to the skin the only way to remove them would be to clip it out.

3) Don't forget to brush and comb behind the ears, in the armpits and underneath the tail! Theses are the places that most people forget about and are also the places that tend to get the most tangled.

4) Use a dog specific shampoo. Dogs have a different PH level to humans so baby shampoo will not suffice.

5) Stay on top of their mats. The more regular you brush the less knots and tangles will form. When brushing lift the brush away from the skin to avoid brush burn and scratches. It is easier to brush out a slightly tangled coat than a matted coat. By keeping up with brushing your dogs out properly, you will prevent a lot and cause less stress for them.

6) By grooming regularly you get to know your dogs body and skin. This allows you to find any lumps, bumps and any other abnormalities.

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